List of Composed Works

Fracture: Passacaglia for Orchestra, ca. 8’30”

3(Picc.).2(EH).2(E-flat).2(Cbsn). Timp. Perc(2). Hp. Pno. Strs.


Geekludes and Fugues Twelve Preludes/Postludes and Fugues for String Trio, ca. 30’


Eulogy In Memoriam Bill Barnum for String Trio, ca. 5.5’

Second Prize Winner of …and friends Call for Scores


Nostalgia for Baritenor and Piano, ca. 5’


Alia-the-Strange for Theremin and Piano, ca. 8’


October Downs Symphony-Concerto for Theremin and Orchestra, ca. 28’
2(Afl.)+Picc.2+EH.2(Es)+Bcl.2(Cbsn). Timp. Perc(2). Hp. Cel. Strs.


Windlife Vs. Let’s Read Opera for Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Two Tenors, Baritone, and Chamber Orchestra, ca. 55’

1(Picc. Afl.).0.1(Bcl.).1(Cbsn). Alto Sax(Ten.Bari.) Perc(2). Hp.


Expanse for Orchestra, ca. 6’

3(Picc.).2+EH.3(Bcl.).3(Cbsn.). Perc(3). Hp. Strs.


The Kurozu-Cho Images: Book 3 for Solo Piano, ca. 21’


The Kurozu-Cho Images: Book 2 for Solo Piano, ca. 20’


You’ll Find An Enchanted Neighborhood… for Soprano and Pierrot Ensemble, ca. 20’


Seven Miniatures for Horn, Tuba, Theremin, and Cello, ca. 7’


The Celestial Play for Harp and Chamber Orchestra, ca. 15’
1(Picc. Afl.).1(EH).1.1(Cbsn). Alto Sax(Ten.) Perc(1). Pno.


Wanted: Your Spare Toe for Tenor and Piano, ca. 5’


The Strange Monologues of Edward Derby Opera for Baritone, Soprano, and Chamber Orchestra ca. 40’

Original: 1(Picc. Afl.).0.1(Bcl.).1. Perc(1). Hp.
Revised: 1(Picc. Afl.).0.1(Bcl.).1(Cbsn). Alto Sax(Ten.Bari.) Perc(2). Hp.


The Kurozu-Cho Images: Book 1 for Solo Piano, ca. 20’.


Somewhere I Have Never Travelled for Bass-Baritone, Flute, Viola, and Harp ca. 7’

Premiered March 2013 at the Cleveland Institute of Music


Fracture for Oboe, Clarinet, Violin, Viola, Cello, and Piano ca. 10’


Phase VI for Violin Solo ca. 5’


Three Steps To A Successful Assassination for Clarinet, Violin, and Piano ca. 12’


Llanto por Ignacio Sanchez Mejias for Tenor Solo, SATB Choir, and

Orchestra ca. 45’
Chamber Orchestra Version: 1(Picc.).1(EH).1(E-flat)+Bcl.1. 3 Perc. Hp. Pno. Strs. (

Full Orchestra Version: 3(Picc., Afl.)+Picc.3(EH).2+Eflat+Bcl.3(Cbsn.). Timp. Perc(5). Ther. 2Hp. Pno(Cel). Strs.


Lacrymosa: To Aratoht for Flute, Clarinet, and Percussion, ca. 13’


String Quartet no. 1: Internet Commentators for Two Violins, Viola, and Cello, ca. 50’


Six Meditations on the Nature of Death for Viola Solo and Orchestra

3(Picc).2+EH.3(Es, Bcl.).2+Cbsn. Timp. Perc(3). Hp. Cel. , ca. 60’


The Coma of a Soul: Rantings of a Troll on for Flute, Tenor Saxophone,

Horn, Vibraphone, Violin, Viola, Cello, and Piano ca. 35’

Premiered December 2010 at the Boston Conservatory


Phase IV for Theremin Solo, ca. 8’

Premiered November 2011 at the Boston Conservatory

May 2012 at the Boston Conservatory


Two Movements for Orchestra, ca. 13’
2(Picc).2(EH).2(Bcl).2(Cbsn). Timp. Perc(2). Hp. Strs.


Theme and Variations on a Theme from Kirby’s Dream Land for Orchestra, ca. 11’ 2(Picc).2(EH).2(Bcl).2(Cbsn). Timp. Perc(2). Hp. Strs.

Premiered March 2010 at the Boston Conservatory. Yoichi Udagawa, conductor.


Fantasias 7, 5, and 3 for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, and Cimbalom, ca. 10’


Siempre La Misma Cosa Cada Vez for Viola and Guitar, ca. 12’


Phase III for Mandolin Solo, ca. 5’


Phase II for Bassoon Solo, ca. 7’


Phase I for Viola Solo, ca. 5’


Terrors for Flute, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Violin/Viola, Cello, and Piano ca. 7’


Rhythmic Metamorphoses for Viola and Piano, ca. 14’